Thursday, January 07, 2010

2009 in review.

For days now, I've been trying to cleverly summarize our year into a few paragraphs and since I repeatedly lost the battle using pen and paper(surrendering my pen and paper to Everett)I realized that most of the significent things that happened to us are already here on this blog. Between this and playing with spoons, it's a pretty good synopsis of our day to day life. With that said, I looked through our photos and compared them to what was on the blog and there are some glaring omissions. The trip to Ontario for example. I have unpublished, neverbeforeseen pictures of Fiona, Molly and Everett, and Everett's birthday party. Plus the many photos of Jack taken over the last three months. Not that you're that interested, but for arguments sake let's pretend you are. I certainly am and will be forever so hopefully this blog doesn't dissappear.

I've kind of gone overboard with the photos, but really there are just ten contact sheets. Each photo is labeled underneath. If you want any of these images, just email me or comment and I will send you them as soon as possible.

As we finish this year, we continue to be in awe of our parents, and frankly, all parents out there. Raising children could be the most challenging thing we’ve ever done.  
This is hard work.
Bring it on 2010.

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Judy Martin said...

What a lovely letter Oona. We in your family will love to look at these again and again over the years ahead. I too hope that blogs don't disappear - they are fantastic as a record keeper.

I also have to comment on Jack's wide eyed wonder in the last couple of photos. What an amazing little guy. I LOVE HIM!!!