Monday, July 07, 2008


Man o man. Where does the time go?
Last week was hectic. We moved into our new house and we are living quite comfortably downstairs only. We joke that we'll have to buy furniture to fill the upstairs once its finished and that we actually have nearly all the space we need downstairs... if only it had a kitchen. Sigh.
Speaking of which, the kitchen is coming along nicely. In fact, everything is coming together. The painting phase is complete... (Sherwin Williams Antique White on the walls and Snowbound on the ceilings in their zero-VOC Harmony Paint). Matt skillfully installed the range hood over the weekend, so we hope to be cooking on our new range by the end of the week.
Our timeline and budget are pretty much on track, though we are finding ways to be flexible and save money - which sometimes eats away at the time.
For example... we're very excited about the salvaged (free) oak cabinets. We currently have 2.5 kitchens worth of 42" wall cabinets that we've picked through for the space under the bar and along the walls. As I sit here, comfortable with my mug of red wine, Matt is upstairs skillfully stripping the varnish off two of the doors and a couple of the cabinet boxes. This choice is definitely adding a whole week of work, but since the floor (CORK!) won't be here for at least another week, and we haven't even made a decision for the base cabinets, it is filling the time and keeping the momentum going.

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Laura said...

holy moly! it looks beeeautiful. you guys are definitely on a roll...keep the momentum up!