Saturday, March 03, 2007


Well, today was the ceremonial start of the Iditarod. We missed it though due to poor planning and a bit of dawdling. So we just went for a walk. I've been terrible with picture taking lately and this makes me mad. I'd blame the computer because we've had some problems with it lately, but that doesn't seem fair. Here are some Iditarod photos from 2005.

Instead of a new picture of Everett (you just saw a MOVIE of him yesterday) I'll just try and give a run down of his "development".
No. He's not sleeping through the night. Not lately due to the four teeth slicing their way through his mouth. Last night felt more normal however, and that was nice.
He is a very mobile baby for not yet being able to crawl. Like his cousins once were, he is adept at wiggling, rolling, and tumbling from toy to toy. I used to carpet the floor with blankets and quilts for him to play on but I think he prefers the wood floor now because he can pivot himself around on his tummy.
He's clumsy about sitting up, but that's okay with him since he would rather be wiggling from place to place.
He's amazingly detailed with his finger motions. He likes to watch his fingers toy with a small object. He'll put something down just so he can pick it up again and again.
His favourite food is avacado. He likes to drink water from our glasses.

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