Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ice, Flies and Fish

Winter has been good to us but we haven't been up to much excitement - except for Everett, of course. He keeps us busy.

On a personal note, January has been all about balance. I've recently become enlightened of the craft revolution underway so I've been getting back into knitting while trying to maintain a balance of parenting, crafting, working from home, and playing outside. Matt too is striving for a balance between work, family, and fun. Keeping him busy this month was organizing a bi-national fly swap of steelhead flies. He even started a blog to document them in all their glory. I've also added the link to the sidebar.

I don't like to post without a photo, so I apologize for the delay between posts. Plus I think I liked those photos of Everett so much I wanted them at the top. Enjoy this photo of Matt and Everett downtown Anchorage appreciating the ice sculptures.

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